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Neven Mrgan

Episode 1 Neven Mrgan The Incident

Neven is a designer at Panic, but also has an interest in retro games. He has proven this last year with Pie Guy, a browser based PacMan clone that works flawlessly on iOS devices. Last week a game he build together with Matt Comi from Big Bucket Software was released and took the internet by a storm. The Incident became an instant classic. (photo)

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About The Box

The Box is a series of short interviews with people who make cool stuff, hosted by Tim Van Damme (me).

There isn’t a specific timeline for new episodes. It’s a hobby project, and tracking down designers and developers who just released an iOS app is very time-consuming, as their schedule is pretty busy.

If you are interested in being interviewed, or know someone I should interview, let me know via email (tim at maxvoltar dot be) or Twitter.

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